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Strut-Pro® Cutless® Bearing Replacement Tools

Affordable Damage-Free Cutless Bearing Replacement

Eliminates Removal of Propeller Shaft, Strut, Rudder

No Cutting or Beating Required

HydraulicUpgradeKitReduced 00140 Hydraulic Upgrade Conversion Kit 00140 $1,385.00

Complete hydraulic conversion kit for all existing Strut Pro tools. This kit converts your Strut Pro tool to fully hydraulic operation. Includes specially machined aft yoke, two 10,000 psi automatic return cylinders, 10,000 psi hand operated hydraulic pump, complete hydraulic hose assembly. No additional components needed. No outside power source required; fully self contained system.


To purchase the Complete Repair Yard Tool Kit or Sail Boat and Small Yacht Repair Yard Kit, select "Complete Repair Yard Kits" from the menu at the left.  These kits include all components necessary to replace all U.S. and Metric strut bearings up to 3-inch outside diameter.

To purchase a kit to replace one bearing size such such as for your own vessel select "Individual Kits" from the menu to the left.  If you are in business you can purchase individual components and build a complete kit one job at a time.  

Mobile Marine businesses and start up companies often begin with one size and build a complete kit by ordering different size collets and horseshoes as needed.

Many of our customers will buddy up and share a tool. Numerous boating and yacht clubs have a Strut-Pro for their members.  Any tool that pays for itself in the first or second use just makes good sense. That's exactly what you get with Strut-Pro.

To purchase only specific components or parts, select the "Components" or the item name from the menu to the left.

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