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Q.  How do I know if my strut bearing is worn?

A.  Normally, the first noticeable sign will be a vibration.  Even if you don’t feel a vibration it is always a good idea to closely inspect the strut bearing each time you haul out your vessel, or periodically if the boat is trailered.  Look for debris restricting water flow through the grooves.  These grooves are necessary to provide cooling and lubrication for the propeller shaft and bearing.  Try to lift the prop shaft up and down looking for looseness in the bearing.  Also, look for cracks in the rubber which indicate a sign of deterioration.

Q.  How often does a strut bearing require replacement?

A.  Several factors contribute to strut bearing wear.  Age, operating hours, debris restricting water flow and shaft alignment are several primary factors. Also, included in this list should be propeller imbalance.  Since the vast majority of vessels are over ten years old and with varying amounts of use, it is not uncommon to see a worn bearing in as few as several hundred hours. But, normally over five hundred hours is more common.

Q.  Can I replace my worn strut bearing myself?

A.  Yes. You are not changing any critical propeller shaft or strut alignments, and there is no beating required.  Many of our customers are DIYers that have their own tools and do most of their own work.  Many of our customers keep their Strut Pro on board in the event their bearing wears prematurely or gets damaged.  This replacement is often done under water, thus eliminating the need for an expensive haul out and blocking of the vessel.

Q.  How much can I save using Strut Pro?

A.  Like the old saying goes “time is money”. Most repair yards save enough time to pay for the tool the first or second use. As a boat owner you do-it-yourself and save substantially. Plus, it’s totally damage free.  Many yacht owners keep their Strut Pro on board along with their prop puller.  In the event of a worn bearing due to fishing line or other debris restricting water flow the bearing can be replaced without even hauling out the vessel.  Many of our charter and marine service companies do underwater bearing replacement using Strut Pro.

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Keep Your Running Gear Running Smooth Without Hauling Your Boat

“Many of our mobile marine and charter customers find it is not necessary to haul out for strut bearing replacement. With Strut Pro you can do the job under water”.

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Total Job Can Be Done In Less Than One Hour From Start To Finish

Why Haul Your Boat?

Super Smooth Bronze Thrust Bearing Makes Easy One Person Operation